Our firm was established since 1996, we have jointly experienced the upturns and downturns of the economy of Hong Kong and of the global world together with the general public, accumulated experience through daily communication with clients and practice, and have extensive comprehension on the needs of clients and in an extensive range of legal services. Please refer to the 「Practice Areas」Section of this website for further information on the legal services that we have been providing in all these years. In certain particular case of client, we may also assist in referral to Legal Counsels and other person or corporation with the respective professional background. In order to provide more professional and efficient legal services, our firm makes a special effort to focus on Trusts, Estate Assets Arrangement and Probate, Will, Customs Laws and Immigration and priority treatment of cases of our existing clients and their referrals.


For a limited time only, our firm is offering a free review of the financial and estate planning of our client. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


We have recently discovered that some people had been using the name of our firm and claiming to be receiving legal costs on our behalf so as to unlawfully deceive money from clients in the Mainland China.

We hereby make a formal declaration and warning that if anyone uses the name of our firm to provide legal services without our authority, our firm shall take such necessary action without any hesitation. If you encounter anyone who claims to provide legal services on behalf of our firm, you are requested to contact us directly and enquire on this matter, so as to avoid any unnecessary loss and/or damages.